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We are facing something unprecedented, an assult by a novel coronavirus in a scale probably tantamount to tsunami. Front-line personnel in the Fire Services Department, together with fellow Hongkongers, are facing something unknown to them probably for generations.

We, the newly formed "Hong Kong Fire, Ambulance and Control staff's Union", concerns about the welfare of al in the Department, particularly those at the front-line. It is worrying to learn Ambulance staff or First Responders, who have made contact with patients in confirmed infection cases at work, is required to utillized their own vacation leave for self quarantine. We consider this is too much a psychological burden to bear when front line staff is requried to about their own and family's well-being when their current daily job is in something equal to working in a "pressure-chamber". We demand a special policy that can truly alleviate front line stadd's worry at work.

We aspire to be a trade union that truly reflects the voice and safeguards the interest of mass in the Department. Member recruitment is on. If you want to be part of us, join us by using the link here.

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