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香港消防救護控制組人員聯會 聲援醫護界罷工






Facing with the seemingly uncurbed epidemic of novel coronavirus and willful cover-up of pathological history from patients, health-care professionals have long been expressing the closing of border with Mainland China to be the most effective way to impending the spread of the virus. Anyhow, all these well intended advices fall on deaf ears of the Government.

Although Ambulance personnel and First Responders are required to be the frontline for fighting the epidemic, the immense pressure mounting on medical worlers is unparalleled to anyone. In a recent poll to members, we received overwhelming support (99.1% supporting rate) from members fo supporting medical worker's strike.

We are standing by all medical professionals. We are unwaveringly standing by them on the frontier, carry on with our mission of safeguarding Hong Kong.

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