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It’s shocking to hear the CE’s comment concerning colleagues’ mask wearing at work before the Executive Council (Exco) meeting on 4.2.2020. While Hong Kong experts including Professor Yuen Kwok-yung and Dr Ho Pak-leung are in unison advicing wearing a face mask as a preventive measure, the CE’s comment does put enormous psychological pressure on colleagues fighting the epidemic wholeheartedly.  This Union is utterly disappointed with such unscientific comment. In our training, we are taught to protect ourselves so as to protect others.  In accordance to Hong Kong Law Cap. 509 Occupational Safety and Heath Ordinance, Every employer must, so far as reasonably practicable, ensure the safety and health at work of all the employer’s employees.  We urge the Department to ensure the sufficiency of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all in the Services.  In regard to PPE, this Union is unwaveringly standing by our colleagues.

行政長官在2020年2月4日行政會議(Exco)舉行前關於政府官員佩戴口罩的指引,實在令人震驚。 儘管包括袁國勇教授和何柏良博士在內的香港專家,一致建議市民佩戴口罩作為防疫預防措施,行政長官的說話確實給全心全意參與抗疫的同事施加了巨大的心理壓力。新消聯對這種完全妄顧科學的指引感到極度失望。 在消防與及救護人員的訓練中,我們必要牢記「要保護他人,必先要保護自己」的道理。根據香港法例第509章 《職業安全及健康條例》,每名僱主均須在合理地切實可行範圍內,確保其所有在工作中的僱員的安全及健康。本工會促請處方嚴格保障各同事能得到足夠的個人防護裝備。在保護裝備這個議題上,新消聯堅定地站在同事的一方,永不退讓。


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